Version history of VCam

Version history of e2eSoft VCam

v5.2.0.30 2012.11.22
1. Windows 8 supports;
2. Registration improvement;
3. Driver YUV output improvement;

v5.1.0.18 2011.11.05
1. Translation corrections

v5.1.0.18 2011.02.03
1. Remove several video resolutions which may cause flash applications work improperly
2. Update server side config

v5.1.0.16 2010.12.24
1. TV Tuner bug fix
2. Add YUY2 output support in driver;
3. Add "only one output size" feature in driver;
4. Able to change device name;

v5.1.0.15 2010.12.05
1. BUG fix for custom camera video size setting;
2. BUG fix for flash overlay lag issue (new version adobe flash caused);
3. Screen capture UI modification / performance improved;
4. VLC plugin support;
5. RTSP stream support (in stream page);

v5.0.2.11 2010.08.13
1. Fix multi-instances driver custome video size issue;

v5.0 2010.06.30
    1. Change back to WDM driver;
    2. Multi-instances support;
    3. Add DVD language selection;

v4.7.1.8 2010.05.16
    1. Improve playlist management;
    2. Performance improved (Remove ColorCnv when possible);

v4.7.1.7 2010.05.10
    1. BUG fix for audio playing;

v4.7.1.6 2010.05.05
    1. Add auto white balance (can set in property page);

v4.7.1  2010.05.01
    1. Webcam snapshot;
    2. Add DV support, better video device playing;
    3. DirectPlay feature added - low CPU usage for big video size;
    4. Modifications for Text overlay;
    5. Output to real sound card as well if VSC is set as default sound card in VCam;

v4.7.0  2010.04.20
    1. Add support for subtitle (DirectVobSub);
    2. Add DShow filter graph file (*.GRF) support;
    3. Filter property page menu added (right click on video);
    4. Much stronger directshow supports;
    5. Performance improved;

v4.6.0  2010.04.11
    1. More output formats support (RGB24/RGB32/YUY2);
    2. BUG fix for win7 (32bits&64bits);
    3. Painter text improved;
    4. BUG fix for UAC issues (IE crash when using VCam in flash, etc.);
    5. Add TV Tunner support;

v4.5.1  2009.05.15
    1. Add more video effects;
    2. Free paint face tracking support;
    3. Add SPA, ARA languages;
    4. Small External Source bug fix;

v4.5.0  2009.04.20
    1. Add External Source (WMP plugin);
    2. Add CHS, CHT, DUT languages;

v4.3.5  2009.04.04
    1. BUG fix - No sound on VISTA;
    2. BUG fix - Multithread COM issue;
    3. Add more settings in option window (auto-check video format, check for update, etc.)
    4. Check video format in a thread;
    5. Show default image when stop playing;
    6. Fix VC2008 SP1 Redist bug in setup;

v4.3.3  2009.04.01
    1. Bug fix - VCam can't be used or crashed in some applications;
    2. Bug fix - In WinXP, VCam became no response when stop playing flash files (caused by new version of abode flash player);

v4.3.2  2009.03.30
    1. Stream/Flash bug fix;

v4.3.1  2009.03.05
    1. Add Live Update feature;
    2. Small update: add stream to playlist, auto-play on startup, etc.

v4.3.0  2008.10.01
    1. Give a choice to close hardware acceleration when screen capture (so we can capture all the screen image);
    2. BUG fix - Other window will lost focus when VCam play next video;
    3. BUG fix - Default idle image issue;
    4. Add Several video decoder filters - FLV/Quicktime/RealMedia;
    5. Use the new version of Flash mediaplayer;
    6. Small update for the registration.

v4.2.0  2008.06.26
    1. Add old WDM driver support;
    2. Install package problem fix;
    3. BUG fix.

v4.1.0  2008.06.06
    1. Improved DVD playing;
    2. Add more stream support (such as FLV webstream);
    3. Add more special video effects;
    4. Add video effects plugin support;
    5. Add Karaoke support (music lyric overlay);
    6. Quick overlay;
    7. Many many new features.

v4.0.0  2008.01.01
    1. Use new driver (new architecture);
    2. Use new UI;
    3. Add Mobile phone camera support;
    4. Many major bug fix;

v3.1.0  2007.08.21
    1. BUG fix;
    2. UI modifications;
    3. New help file added;
    4. Add web stream support;
    5. Improve resize quality;
    6. Improve screen capture performance;
    7. Add snapshot feature;

v3.0.4 2007.07.31 - RC1
    1. Add background removal feature
    2. Fix some bugs
    3. Improve UI
    4. Add Chs language

v3.0.0 2007.07.02 - alpha release
    1. Face tracking support, smart move feature;
    2. Overlay object drag & drop support;
    3. support 2 effects at the same time;
    4. Add title support;
    5. Powerful record to file feature;
    6. New registration way;
    7. DVD support;
    8. Support using different audio device (such as a virtual audio device);
    9. Auto save user settings (such as overlay);
    10.Driver updates: support BIG size, customized resolution, change default FPS and resoltion, etc.
    11. Many bug fix.

v2.0.1 2007.02.01 - beta release
    1. Many many ...

v1.2.1 2007.01.01
    1. Fix registration bug;

v1.2.0 RC3 2006.07.13
    1. Add more language URL;

v1.2.0 RC2 2006.07.13
    1. SWF bug fix;

v1.2.0 2006.07.10
    1. Help file added;
    2. Fixed some bugs in installer;
    3. SWF file support;
    4. Add error report mechanism;
    5: BUG fix: endless loop when filter installed failed;

v1.1.0 RC1 2006.06.12
    1. BUG fix: Screen Capture GDI leak;
    2. DRIVER: Add default video size in driver;
    3. Add adv in the video of unregistered version;
    4. UI improvments;
    5. Other BUG fix and Optimizations...

*v1.0.5 2006.05.24
    1. Fixed some BUGs;
    2. User can add custom cursors to screen capture image;
    3. More flexible auto-program play;
    4. Screen capture: add several Hotkeys, add zoom in, zoom out support and optimization;
    5. Use preset volume and balance setting;
    6. Optimized one video file recycle playing;

v1.0.2 beta 2006.05.15
    1. Add support for using custom cursor when screen capturing, also add severl cursor files;
    2. Modification: screen capture mode dialog;
    3. BUG fix: AVI file with subtitle can't be played properly;
    4. BUG fix: some RMVB file can't be imported
    5. DRIVER: use enhanced resize algorithm, now the video quality is better when using different resolutions at the same time;

v1.0.0 beta 2006.05.12
    1. GIF89a/Video/Device overlay support and with enhanced overlay config;
    2. Change to Unicode version;
    3. Many bug fix;
    4. UI enhance;
    5. Enhanced screen capture feature - capture mode select, zoom, etc.
    6. Hotkey support;
    7. More video effects added;
    8. more...

v0.9.0 2006.03.19
    VCamMain.exe file version
    1. VFW can't use bug fix;
    2. adapt current capture size when preview.
    3. idle image resize problem.

v0.9.0 2006.03.18
    VCamMain.exe file version
    1. Registration improvement;
    2. Image overlay improvement;
    3. Add some overlay image samples;
    4. Update setup program, check whether there's an old version installed;
    5. Fix filter crash problem when using FX and change VCam size

*v0.9.0  2006.03.18
    VCamMain.exe file version
    Too many changes, :)
    1. Add three modules: [playing devices], [image overlay] and [video special effects];   *****
    2. Driver: supports multi-capture pin & multi-preview pin, and these pins can have different sizes at the same time; *****
    3. Improvments:
        * Add volume and  balance adjustment;
        * Add playlist support;
        * Can select different devices in preview dialog;
        * Evaluation modification - after some days, some features will be disabled;
    4. UI:
        Main window scheme color button skinned
        Use toolbar as file management buttons
        Use tabctrl in playlist dialog
    5. Screen capture
        * add a option page in option dialog
        * support zoom (include full screen capture)
        * alpha capture window
        * show mouse cursor in captured image
    6. BugFix:
        * when main window minimized, capture and video playing will all stopped!
        * idle image bug

v0.8.98 2006.02.28
    ScreenCapture: track mouse cursor
    Setup bug fix: some time msvcr71.dll will be installed abnormal;
    BugFix: VCam can't run on Win2K, also the setup failed!
    BugFix: (Somtime)failed when install on XP home edition?
    UI: set letterbox as resize default, show vcam news as default;

v0.8.97 2006.02.27
    REG: changed some register code

*v0.8.96 2006.02.22
    UI: add check for new version support;
    BugFix: fix several skin bugs;

v0.8.95 2006.02.19
    Skin: create new skin - msn and msn8;
    UI: add vcam news on startup
    UI: change e2esoft and vcam logos;
    UI: skinned button
    Video: fullscreen play support

v0.8.68 2006.02.01
    BugFix: driver crash when switching between defferent video sizes
    BugFix: UI memory leak
    BugFix: other little bugs according to feedbacks
    Insatll: new installer

*v0.8.0  2006.01.01
    first published version