Write plugin for VCam

There's a new feature in VCam - External Source, which means VCam can use other application's video (or image) as its input.

Currently there's only one external source plugin inside VCam - Windows media player plugin, which can redirect WMP's video to VCam.
You can write your own external source for VCam, so you can play anything you want to VCam!
Here's HOW TO:
  1. Create a shared memory named "VCamSourcePluginMemory" using Windows API CreateFileMapping and MapViewOfFile;
  2. Put your video data into this shared memory and VCam will be able to use it;
    Notice: the data format for this buffer should be:
    [bitcount] (24 or 32, 4 bytes) +
    [video width] (4 bytes) +
    [video height] (4 bytes) +
    [video data] (RGB24 format if bitcount is 24, RGB32 format if bitcount is 32);
  3. In VCam's external source page, press [start] and you will see your video.
Is it easy? let's write your own external source and share it with other people now!
Please let us know if you have any problems on this or you want to share your plugin.
Also please make sure your VCam version is >=