Use VCam to convert video format?

Have you ever thought of using VCam to convert a video file to other formats?

You can easily convert any animation or video file (include flash file) to WMV format by following steps:

1. Launch Windows Movie Maker, which is included in windows;
2. Select [Capture from video device] in it;
3. In the video capture wizard dialog please select [e2eCap Video Capture] device and configure it, change its resolution to the one you need such as 352 x 288;
4. Please select [Stereo Mix] or [Wave Out Mix] as the audio input source;
5. Press [Next] and configure, at last you will reach the screen which can preview VCam output video;
6. Now launch VCam, play the video file to be converted, and add video overlay or special effect if needed;
7. Back to Windows Movie Maker, see the VCam video? Press [Start Capture] to begin capture;
8. Press [Stop Capture] when the video is played to the end;
9. Well, the WMV file is created, test it in Windows Media Player. We've made it, right?

You can use other tools and VCam to convert video file to other formats referring this sample.