e2eSoft FlvCapture

FlvCapture can download FLV/MP4 video from most video websites!

FlvCapture can monitor all the FLV/MP4 video in most video websites, and get the URL of the video, so you can download it easily. It can detect the video files saved in internet temporary folder as well, you can get the video directly if you already visited it.

FlvCapture is a freeware, you can use or distribute it freely. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or problems.

Download to have a wonderful experience right now!

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  • Get flash/MP4 video from most video websites.
  • Capture the video URL directly indepdent of the website design.
  • Preview or create a playlist for the captured videos.
  • Detect internet temporary folder and get the temporary-downloaded video file.
  • It's totally FREE!

Download from our website and run the setup.

  • IBM PC Pentium processor, 128 MB RAM, 10MB hard disk space;
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA/WIN8 or higher;

Any suggestions or questions please mail us: supporte2esoft.cn.